Pontec PondoAir Set 900

Introducing the Pontec PondoAir Aerator Set 900 for oxygen enrichment in your pond.

Aerates 900 litres per hour to keep aquatic life thriving and healthy in your pond.

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Pond Aeration with the PondoAir Aerator Set 900 

  • Efficient oxygenation
    The PondoAir Aerator 900 provides efficient oxygenation for your pond (aeration of 900L per hour), helping to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem.
  • Outdoor Use
    With its ip44 protection class, this pump is designed to withstand the elements and operate reliably in outdoor environments.
  • Replacement Membranes
    The included replacement membranes ensure that your pump stays in top condition and continues to function effectively over time.
  • Easy Installation
    The set comes complete with two 5m hoses and two air stones, making installation quick and easy.
  • Low Maintenance
    The PondoAir Set 900 requires minimal maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your pond and less time on upkeep.

Choose the Pontec PondoAir Set 900 to help keep your pond healthy and thriving.

Why Aeration is Important

If you are a pond owner or manager, you know how important it is to maintain the health and balance of your aquatic ecosystem. One of the most effective ways to do this is by investing in a high-quality pond aerator.

Pond aeration is important for several reasons:

  1. Oxygenation: Ponds can become depleted of oxygen, which is essential for the survival of aquatic plants and animals. Aeration helps to increase the oxygen levels in the water, promoting a healthy ecosystem.
  2. Water Quality: Aeration can help to improve water quality by reducing the build-up of pollutants and harmful gases such as ammonia and methane.
  3. Algae Control: Algae blooms can be a problem in ponds, causing water to become murky and reducing oxygen levels. Aeration helps to keep water circulating, reducing the growth of algae.
  4. Fish Health: Fish need oxygen to survive and aeration helps to keep the water well-oxygenated, promoting good health for fish populations.
  5. Bottom De-stratification: In stagnant ponds, water at the bottom can become depleted of oxygen, creating a “dead zone.” Aeration helps to keep water moving, reducing the development of dead zones and promoting a healthy ecosystem.

A pond aerator can provide numerous benefits, including increased oxygen levels to support healthy fish and other aquatic life, prevention of harmful gas buildup, and improved water quality by reducing unwanted plant growth and algae blooms. With a well-designed and reliable pond aerator, you can ensure that your pond remains a thriving and beautiful ecosystem that you can enjoy for years to come. Don’t let poor water quality and unhealthy fish ruin your pond – invest in a top-of-the-line pond aerator today and see the difference it can make!

Technical Information

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm150 x 90 x 90
Net weightkg0.80


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