Rotala Rotundifolia – 1L Marginal Pond Plant



  • Wildlife Friendly
  • Type: Marginal 
  • Foliage Colour: Green/Red
  • Flowering Season: Summer
  • Planting Depth: 0 – 5 cm
  • Plant Growth Above Water Height: 30 – 50cm
  • Recycled Packaging 
  • Pot Size: 1 Litre
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About the Rotala Rotundifolia

Bring vibrant color and lush greenery to your aquatic garden with Rotala Rotundifolia, available in 1-litre pots. Known for its stunning red and green foliage, this versatile aquatic plant is perfect for adding texture, color, and a dynamic visual appeal to ponds, water features, and aquariums.

  • Botanical Name: Rotala rotundifolia
  • Common Names: Roundleaf Toothcup, Dwarf Rotala
  • Plant Size: Grows up to 30-50 cm (12-20 inches) in height
  • Spread: Reaches a spread of 20-30 cm (8-12 inches)
  • Pot Size: 1 litre
  • Foliage: Small, rounded leaves that transition from green to vibrant red under adequate light
  • Flowers: Tiny, inconspicuous flowers that appear occasionally
  • Growth Habit: Upright, spreading form
  • Hardiness Zones: 8-11
  • Water Depth: Thrives in fully submerged conditions or in consistently moist soil at the edge of ponds
  • Vibrant Foliage: Rotala Rotundifolia features small, rounded leaves that transition from green to vibrant red, adding a burst of color and visual interest to your aquatic garden.
  • Dynamic Planting: Ideal for pond margins, water gardens, and aquariums, this plant adapts well to various aquatic environments and can be used as a foreground or background plant in aquascaping.
  • Easy to Grow: This hardy plant is easy to maintain and grows quickly, making it suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners and aquarists.
  • Oxygenates Water: Rotala Rotundifolia helps to oxygenate the water, improving the overall health of your aquatic ecosystem.
  • Wildlife Friendly: Provides habitat and shelter for aquatic wildlife, supporting local biodiversity.

Planting and Care Instructions:

  • Planting: Place the 1-litre pot in your pond or water feature, ensuring the base of the plant is submerged. It can also be planted in aquariums, either rooted in substrate or left to float.
  • Sunlight: Rotala Rotundifolia thrives in full to partial sunlight. Adequate lighting will enhance the red coloration of the leaves.
  • Watering: Maintain consistent moisture for optimal growth. In aquariums, ensure regular water changes and maintain proper water parameters.
  • Maintenance: Trim back any overgrown stems to maintain the plant’s appearance and prevent it from becoming invasive. Regular pruning encourages bushier growth and a more compact form.

Why Choose Our Rotala Rotundifolia?

  • Quality Assurance: Our Rotala Rotundifolia plants are nurtured with care and thoroughly inspected to ensure they are healthy and ready to thrive in your aquatic garden or aquarium.
  • Sustainable Practices: We are committed to eco-friendly gardening. Our plants are grown using sustainable methods that protect the environment.
  • Expert Support: Our knowledgeable team is here to provide expert advice and tips, whether you are a novice or an experienced gardener or aquarist, to help your aquatic environment flourish.

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4.5cm bulb box (3), 4.5cm bulb box (6)


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