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Lord Portsmouth Custom Lake

The Portsmouth Estates lake construction was a true testament to the expertise and quality of DH Water Gardens. 

When Lord Portsmouth first approached DH Water Gardens for a quote on their custom 170m² lake construction project, we took the time to listen to their needs and understand their vision for the space. We evaluated the site to determine the best possible design for the lake and made sure to take into account any unique challenges that might arise during the construction process.

Our team of experienced professionals was able to bring the client’s vision to life, creating a stunning private oasis that seamlessly blended in with the surrounding landscape. 

How does it all begin?

After providing the Portsmouth Estate a transparent quote, breaking down each component of the project so the client understood exactly what they were paying for, construction began.

We began the project with a thorough site assessment and careful planning to ensure that the lake construction would not only look beautiful but also be sustainable and long-lasting. We carefully selected the right materials and equipment, including a 3-million-gallon liner, to ensure the longevity and durability of the lake.

Longevity Built In.

Once the liner was in place, it was carefully sealed to prevent any leaks and ensure that the lake would retain water. This involved carefully welding the seams of the liner together and applying a layer of sealant to ensure a watertight connection.

Throughout the installation process, our team closely monitored the liner to ensure it was secured properly with no signs of any leaks or damage. They also took great care to minimize impact on the surrounding landscape, working carefully to protect any vegetation or wildlife in the area.

Futureproofing a lake is important because it helps to ensure that the lake will continue to function effectively and efficiently for many years to come, even as conditions and circumstances change.


Watching the Process Unfold.

The Portsmouth Estate was thrilled with the results, even at this early stage! They enjoyed visiting the site each day to watch to process, while our professional team continued construction. 

Our team’s attention to detail and quality craftsmanship helped to build trust, and establish that DH Water Gardens would get the work done right, first time.

Raise the Tide.

As the lake filled, our team closely monitored the water levels and took steps to ensure that the water was evenly distributed across the entire surface of the lake. They also took steps to ensure that any debris or sediment was cleared from the water, so that the final result was a crystal-clear lake that was ready for use.

The pumping station connected to the 170m² borehole, which was installed specifically to provide a steady water supply for the lake. Our team carefully calibrated the pumps to ensure that the water was being filled at the correct rate, taking into account any potential impact on the surrounding environment.

The Island.

Our team worked closely to understand the vision for the island, and carefully selected the best plants and materials to bring that vision to life. They took into account the size and shape of the island, as well as the surrounding landscape, to create a cohesive and harmonious design.

A New Lake is Born

By the end of the project, the custom lake was surrounded by a lush and beautifully landscaped environment that was the perfect complement to the stunning lake in the center. 

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a place to entertain guests, the Portsmouth Estates custom lake is the perfect example of what can be achieved when you work with the experts at DH Water Gardens.

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