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PondTec Pond Aerator 3600 / Weatherproof

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The PondAir 3600 Weatherproof Air Pump Kit is engineered to deliver optimal circulation and aeration to ponds with a capacity of up to 36,000 liters.

This kit, with its weatherproof rating of IP44, is the ideal solution for enhancing the health and well-being of ornamental, fish, and koi-stocked ponds. By continually oxygenating the water during the warm months and preventing ice pockets from forming in winter, this kit ensures that toxic gasses are properly exchanged at the water surface, contributing to a healthier ecosystem.

  • IP44 weatherproof rating
  • 60L/minute low noise air pump
  • 4-way steel manifold with adjustable flow regulator taps
  • Rubber connection pipe
  • 4 clear air hoses (5 meters each)
  • 2 replacement diaphragms
  • 4 high-performance round air stones
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
PondTec Pond Aerator 3600 / Weatherproof £249.99 Original price was: £249.99.£224.99Current price is: £224.99.

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Why Pond Aeration is Important

Pond aeration is important for several reasons:

  1. Oxygenation: Ponds can become depleted of oxygen, which is essential for the survival of aquatic plants and animals. Aeration helps to increase the oxygen levels in the water, promoting a healthy ecosystem.
  2. Water Quality: Aeration can help to improve water quality by reducing the build-up of pollutants and harmful gases such as ammonia and methane.
  3. Algae Control: Algae blooms can be a problem in ponds, causing water to become murky and reducing oxygen levels. Aeration helps to keep water circulating, reducing the growth of algae.
  4. Fish Health: Fish need oxygen to survive and aeration helps to keep the water well-oxygenated, promoting good health for fish populations.
  5. Bottom De-stratification: In stagnant ponds, water at the bottom can become depleted of oxygen, creating a “dead zone.” Aeration helps to keep water moving, reducing the development of dead zones and promoting a healthy ecosystem.

In summary, pond aeration is important for maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem and promoting the well-being of aquatic plants, animals, and fish populations.

Technical Information

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm265 x 185 x 215
Rated voltage220 – 240 V / 50 Hz
Power consumptionW35
Power cable lengthm1.50
Net weightkg5.90
Limited WarrantyYears2
Hose (quantity / length / diameter)4 pc / 5 m / 4.5 mm
Number of outletsUnits1
Rated for outdoor usespray water resistant
Number of air stonesUnits4


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