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Circular Elevated Fountain Pond

In the beautiful Surrey Hills countryside, DH Water Gardens had the privilege of working on an exciting project for a private client. 

The client had a vision of a circular elevated fountain pond that would add to the peaceful atmosphere of their garden. DH Water Gardens gladly took on the challenge, eager to create something unique and beautiful.

Starting The Process

The whole process began with an enquiry on a Saturday afternoon.

This project started with a fairly casual chat with the client to understand their pond construction vision, requirements, and concerns. The client highlighted the uneven ground, plus energy-consumption concerns for the fountain centre-piece.

Our team listened attentively as the client shared their thoughts and ideas, and we discussed the various options available to them.

A Week-Long Installation Begins.

The first challenge was the installation of the elevated pond. The team had to create a sturdy circular platform on which the pond would sit, and this platform had to be surrounded by brick stairs and shrubs. It was a difficult task, but the team was determined to create something that would meet the client’s expectations.

The centrepiece of the 3.5m diameter pond was a brass statue of a cherub, spouting a small bubbling vertical lava fountain head. The cherub was a beautiful addition to the pond and added a touch of elegance to the garden. The team at DH Water Gardens carefully chose an eco-friendly pump for the fountain, keeping in mind the client’s concerns about energy consumption. The pump was efficient and ensured that the fountain operated at its best without wasting energy.

A New Pond is Born

The pond completed with the addition of aquatic lily plants. These plants added to the pond’s eco-system, ensuring that the water remained clean and clear. 

The pond served as a reminder that it is possible to create something beautiful while remaining eco-friendly. DH Water Gardens took the time to listen to the client’s vision for the fountain and concerns about level ground and energy consumption, ensuring that the final product met all expectations. The client is now a friend of ours, and still boasts about the crystal-clear water in their fountain pond!

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