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Gazebo and Fountain Wildlife Koi-Pond Oasis

Once upon a time, in the beautiful countryside of Reading, a private client reached out to DH Water Gardens with a vision for a stunning wildlife water-garden featuring a peaceful outdoor seating area under a gazebo on a stone-based deck.

The client longed for a place where they could escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with nature in a tranquil setting.

How does it all begin?

Upon receiving the client’s enquiry, DH Water Gardens was thrilled to have the opportunity to bring their dream to life. 

They listened carefully to the client’s wishes and gave creative freedom to the design process to ensure that the water-garden would exceed their expectations.

The Stone Deck.

The construction process began with the installation of a 4m long stone-based deck that would support the gazebo and provide a comfortable seating area for the clients. The deck was carefully crafted to withstand the weight of the gazebo and provide a sturdy foundation for the water-garden.

We worked closely with the client. They decided to have the stone deck extended to border the pond so we rose to the challenge, creating a 1.2m border surrounding the koi-pond.

Pond Construction.

Next, the team at DH Water Gardens excavated a pond that was 1m deep and perfectly suited for koi fish

The pond was meticulously constructed to ensure proper filtration, circulation, and aeration, crucial factors for the health and well-being of the koi. Pond-liner was installed to prevent any leaks and ensure that the pond would retain water.

Healthy Water for Years to Come.

To ensure crystal clear water, multiple BioTec filters were used in combination with high-quality OASE pumps. These filters are designed to provide superior mechanical and biological filtration, ensuring that the water in the pond remains clear and healthy for the koi.

The filters were installed following advice from our knowledgeable team. Filtration was based on the size of the pond, the fish within, the energy-consumption, and client’s requests.

We tucked the filtration system behind a natural wicker fence, connecting it to the pond with hidden under-ground pipes to channel clean water back. We added a secondary pipe for redundancy. This critical step early-on extends the overall life of the system, and saves the client money and hassle long-term.


One Spectacular Fountain

Adding the 4m head-height fountain brought a new dimension of beauty and serenity to the space. 

The cascading water sounds created a calming ambiance. The fountain also helps to aerate the water, increasing the oxygen levels and promoting the health of the koi-fish and aquatic life. The fountain was matched optimally to the existing filter and pump system. 

Lighting was also included beneath the fountain, creating an atmospheric after-dark outdoor space.

The Perfect Wildlife Habitat.

As the water-garden was completed, the client was overjoyed with the results. They were impressed with DH Water Gardens’ attention to detail and their ability to turn their vision into a reality. 

The client was thrilled to invite guests over to enjoy the peaceful outdoor seating area under the gazebo and the serene beauty of the koi swimming in the crystal-clear water of the pond.

The water-garden not only provided the client with a stunning outdoor living space but also had a positive impact on the environment. The addition of plants and aquatic life helped to create a healthy ecosystem, promoting biodiversity and providing a habitat for local wildlife.

A New Ecosystem is Born

By the end of the 2-week project, the new space included a seating area, gazebo, 1m deep pond with koi fish, and plants that promote biodiversity. The project took two weeks and utilized premium OASE pumps and filters for crystal-clear water. The client was thrilled with the result, and still enjoys the space to this day!

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a place to entertain guests, this project is a perfect example of what can be achieved when you work with the experts at DH Water Gardens.

Contact us today to bring your vision to life.

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