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The OASE PondoVac 5 Pond Vacuum Cleaner is a cutting-edge solution designed to tackle even the largest of ponds, swimming pools, and commercial pond cleaning tasks.

Developed by German engineers with the user in mind, the PondoVac 5 features a pumped waste outlet, allowing for efficient and convenient cleaning. Dirty water can be pumped uphill from the vacuum and discharged into a drainage point.

With a maximum suction depth of 2.5 meters and a suction power of 8000 liters per hour, cleaning your pond has never been easier.

  • Easy maneuverability on any terrain with raised clearance and rubber wheels.
  • Quick and simple hose connection with C-coupling.
  • Non-stop cleaning with integrated waste discharge pump.
  • Elevated water drainage up to 2m.
  • Comes with tools for any cleaning task.
  • Ideal for pond, pool, and swim pond cleaning.
  • 8000 liters per hour suction, up to 2.5m depth.

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Tackle Pond Cleaning With Ease

The PondoVac 5 Pond Vacuum Cleaner by OASE is a versatile tool created to effectively clean even the largest ponds, swimming pools, and commercial pond cleaning sites. The PondoVac 5 has been expertly crafted by German engineers, keeping the user’s needs in mind. With the all-new pumped waste outlet, this pond vacuum cleaner offers efficient and convenient cleaning.

  • Suction power of up to 8000 liters per hour
  • Comes with lances for deep cleaning up to 2.5 meters
  • Improved ground clearance and rubberized wheels for mobility on uneven terrain
  • Quick and easy connection and removal with the discharge hose’s C-coupling
  • Non-stop vacuuming with the integrated waste discharge pump
  • Ability to discharge dirty water to a higher drainage point (maximum lift of 2 meters)
  • Includes a variety of tools and accessories for various cleaning tasks

Included with the PondoVac 5 are a variety of tools and accessories to suit various cleaning needs. Pond cleaning is vital for maintaining a healthy environment for aquatic plants and animals, and this vacuum cleaner uses suction to effectively lift dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the bottom of the pond.

Invest in the OASE PondoVac 5 Pond Vacuum Cleaner and experience a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in pond cleaning.

How Pond Vacuums Work

Pond vacuums work by using a combination of suction and filtration to remove debris, waste, and other particles from the water.

They typically consist of a vacuum unit with a motor and a hose, which is connected to a collection canister. The unit is placed into the pond and the motor creates suction to pull water and debris into the hose. The water then passes through a filter to separate the debris and waste, which is collected in the canister.

What sets the PondoVac 5 apart from other pond vacuums is its pumped waste outlet. This means that after the vacuum cleaner has been used, the dirty water can be pumped uphill to a higher drainage point, rather than relying on gravity to discharge the water as in previous PondoVac models.

Effectively remove pond waste!

The size of the pond and the amount of debris determine the amount of time it takes to clean the pond. Pond vacuums are important for maintaining a healthy pond environment, as excess waste and debris can cause harmful build-up of bacteria and nutrients that negatively impact the health of aquatic plants and animals.

Technical Information

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm436 x 425 x 716
Rated voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumptionW1700
Power consumption pumpW900
Power cable lengthm7.50
Net weightkg24.40
Limited WarrantyYears2 + 1
Suction depth max.m2.50
Max. flow ratel/h8000
Length, suction hosem5.00
Length, discharge hosem10.00
Floating hose application38 mm

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